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The Beech Wood is the most common dominant climax tree of the woodlands and forests in Macedonia. The wood is short-grained, yet dense and hard. The short grain makes it easy to work with and it specific structure makes it ideal for production of various furniture and construction elements. and select every product. We always promote unique and best tasting food available in Macedonia.

Beech Wood Panels

Types of Edge Glued Panels:

Solid Edge glued panels

So-called edge glued panels are made of solid wood lamellas. The width of lamellas can be fixed (the same with all lamellas) or random (different between lamellas). The width of fixed lamellas is between 40 and 80 mm.
Solid Finger-joined panels

Finger-joined panels are made of lamellas that are glued by length out of smaller pieces. The width of lamellas is fixed and it depends on the width of the panel itself (mostly about 40mm).

Class A: clean without red-heart, free of knots, no discoloration, homogeny structure and color, oak without sapwood;
Class B: without red-heart, free of knots, naturally colored oak with litte sap proportion;
Class C: sound red-heart permitted, naturally colored, oak with healthy sapwood and some small knots permitted;

Treatment: Beech wood steamed, lightly steamed (standard steaming 20 hours) and un-steamed.

Heat Treatment: Beech wood steamed, lightly steamed (standard steaming 20 hours) and un-steamed.

Heat Treatment Process:

The heat treatment is made in most sophisticated Secal kiln dryers.
The process is computer guided, and adjustable for the wood parameters. The capacity of the Secal kiln dryers is with 400m3 per cycle.
Alongside the heat treatment facilities there is the Secal steaming plant.
The steaming is made alongside the toping heating plant.

Capacities: With production capacities of 1000m3 lumber per month, our factory is the first and largest Company in Macedonia for Edge Glued Panels with Discontinuous Stave.


Beech Wood Pallets

  1. Thermo-processed Beech Wood Pallets;
  2. Production capacity: 150.000 pallets per year;
  3. The pallet endurance: up to 1.5t;
  4. Durability of the pallet: 30 cycles (standard usage);
  5. The % of moister of the pallets: <20%;
  6. The weight of the pallet: < 15kg/pallet;
  7. Certificates: Thermally treated and marked according to the Regulation for Phytosanitary demand for wooden packaging materials in the international trade (NN No. 40-05), European Directives 2000/29/EC, 2004/102/EC and the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) of the Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO.

Sketch with dimensions
of the pallet (download file)
Type of Pallet 5 (boards-on-top):

Type of Pallet 5 (boards-on-top):

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