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Electrical Water Heaters


These types of water heaters are for standard use. The tank is made out of steel enameled. The outside part (the paint) is electrostatic and brings out shine and it is resistant to the conditions in the bathroom. The isolation layer is made out of a specially pressed white foam or polyurethane. The water heaters have an automatic regulation of the temperatures, as well as a safety protection from overheating. These products can be used for vertical and horizontal installment and can have switchers for combined heating.

1. Tank
2. Enamel
3. MG anode
4. Thermal insulation
5. Heating element

Types of water heaters


The installation of these water heaters can be high or low-lying. Dimensions are adjusted for an easy installation. Option for an external temperature regulation as well as a safety protection of overheating. Used mostly in kitchens and laboratories.


It has enameled or zincked reservoir. More options for installation: (high or low-lying). Dimensions are adjusted for an easy installation. Option for an external temperature regulation as well as a safety protection of overheating. Used mostly in kitchens and laboratories.



This model can be heated additionally with other energy (solar or central heating). It can be produced in different models with possibility for vertical or horizontal assembling.
The horizontal can be assembled on the wall or on the flour. This model of water heater is characterized with high coefficient of energy efficiency. That secured a big saving of electrical energy.
The energy loss during the cooling in 24h period is minimal. The ideal circulation of the water in the heat exchanger is persistent during the exploitation. The connectors are muffs ½ and all other characteristics are same on electrical water heaters.

6. Thermostat
7. Flow regulator
8. Hot water pipe
9. Outer casing
10. Hot water exchanger

ELECTRIC WATER HEATER 50/80/100/120/150L

For ordinary use. Reservoir is made of enameled or zincked metal sheet. External part is manufactured with electrostatic coloring with glossy effect. Resistant to bathroom environment. Insulation layer is made of specially pressed white flour or polyurethane. Safety protection of overheating and option for a temperature regulation. Also they have double safety protection of overheating. Used mostly in bathrooms, and in the kitchens in restaurants.


Horizontal water heaters are ideal for concealed installation in a false ceiling, roof space or anywhere there is limited vertical space. They can be standard or combined with same characteristics.

Our producer has established the Company in 1984. Ever since, it is demonstrating permanent, stabile and consistent growth.
Now, it is the biggest manufacturer for water heaters in the Republic of Macedonia and the region.
In its products assortment, which has a permanent enlargement, the company manufactures the following products: electrical quartz heaters, electrical bathroom heaters and electrical grills.

The company carries out the entire technological process, from raw materials to final product in the following sections:
• Section for metal processing
• Welding section
• Electrostatic powder painting section
• Enameling section
• Assembling section
• Section for electric quartz heaters, bathrooms heaters and grills

All products meet the quality standards. The biggest part of the production (90%) is sold in advance with signed contracts with foreign business partners from Austria, Greece, Serbia, Monte Negro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Malta, Bulgaria, Russia etc.

23 International award for technology and quality

New millennium award

Geneva 2002 Switzerland


Gas Cookers


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