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Street Light - “URBAN”
Pleasure in lighting

Photo General Description Dimensions

URBAN  1x55W 2G11
Urban fluorescent lamp with one light tube and luminous efficiency of η – 67.5. It is applicable for lighting of the parking places, residential areas, street lighting and green areas.
URBAN  1x36W 2G11
URBAN  1x80W 2G11

650 mm 


525 mm
680 mm

URBAN 2x55W 2G11
Urban fluorescent lamp with two light tubes and luminous efficiency of η – 50.3. It is suitable for lighting of the warehouses, factories and other industrial units and their surroundings, and for lighting of the production facilities.
URBAN  2x36W 2G11
URBAN  2x80W 2G11

650 mm



525 mm
680 mm

Billboard light – “SUN”
The best way for external illumination of billboards. The light tubes are with high luminous efficiency and high consistency in lighting of the billboard surfaces.
2x36W 2G13
1x58W 2G13
2x58W 2G13
1x55W 2G11
2x55W 2G11
4x55W 2G11
6x55W 2G11

2570 mm
1575 mm
3170 mm
600 mm
1220 mm
2460 mm
3700 mm

Why use URBAN lights:

• Life-time guarantee of the housing
  (made of high-quality components)

• High luminous efficiency (up to η = 67.5)

• Easy maintenance

Long life fluorescent lamp (13.000h)

• High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

• Electronic ballast

• Contemporary esthetic look

“Replacing one regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.”

HP Mercury vapour lamp

Fluorescent lamp 400 K

H P Sodium vapour lamp

The differences that you can see from the pictures are due to the different Color Rendering Index value of the lights. The URBAN light with fluorescent lamp has the biggest CRI value that is more then 85, while the CRI value of the mercury vapour lamp is about 60 and of the sodium vapour lamp is 25. Natural daylight and any light source approximating a blackbody source is assigned a color rendering index (CRI) of 100.

Equipment / Materials:

Extruded aluminum

Ø60/ Ø150-230mm/ wall
Die-cast aluminum/steel/steel

Electronic ballast

Lamp holder
2G11 (polycarbonate)

Class A

Weight (without equipment)
(1x55/2x55) 2400/2730 gr.

Cardboard Box

Electrical part IP 65
Optical part IP 44

ISO 9001:2000 certified

Mounting Options:

Pole mounting unit Ø60

Pole mounting unit

Wall mounting unit

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