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Healthy foodMAMA’S is a collection of high quality, great tasting products, with authentic and widely acceptable taste, made according to the traditional recipes from the best housewives in Macedonia…
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Home Appliances
Herbal Our electrical water heaters are characterized with high coefficient of efficiency of energy, securing big savings of electrical energy. The energy loss during the cooling in 24h is minimum.
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Natural Mineral Bottled Water
HerbalBottled at its source, our naturally clean mineral water is untouched by man until it touches your lips. Naturally balanced mineral structure makes it ideal for all ages and for everyday usage, avoiding overdose with minerals. That makes our water unique.
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Beech Wood Products
WoodThe Beech Wood is the most common dominant climax tree of the woodlands and forests in Macedonia. The wood is short-grained, yet dense and hard. The short grain makes it easy…
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Concrete and Mortar Admixtures
HerbalOur ADMIXTURES are specially formulated products that are added in small amounts to the cement or mortar during the mixing process in order to modify the concrete properties into plastic and/or hardened state.

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Street light - Urban
HerbalUrban pleasure in lighting with rational use of energy. ECOLOGICAL product according to the EU standards and Kyoto regulations.
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Traditional Herbal Medicine
HerbalIn the frame of the phytopharm, our traditional herbal products are made from the genetic non-modified plants from the eco and health environment.
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Cast Steel Shot
HerbalHigh quality steel shot with low carbon and bainitic microstructure. Our product finds great use in metallurgy and metal manufacturing industry.
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