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"There, where the Sun shines forever - there is Macedonia", says an old popular song. And, Macedonia is exactly that - a small country, situated in the Southern part of the Balkan Peninsula; Land of mountains and valleys, with exceptionally rich natural and cultural sites - as hardly anywhere else, on such a limited space, this area treasures a large number of historical monuments: churches, icons (the Macedonian collection of icons is acknowledged to be one of the best and oldest in the world), monasteries with long tradition, archeological sites, mosques, old books and other artifacts. Macedonia is also a cradle of the Slavic literacy - Macedonian brothers Cyril and Methodius created the Glagolitic alphabet, used by all Slavic peoples.

We'll explore what is perhaps the most famous unknown country on earth, from the oldest lake in Europe to just-discovered Neolithic solar observatories to Orthodox monasteries and Moslem mosques. But Macedonia isn't living in the past — it's become one of the first entirely wireless nations on the planet, with a web of hotspots that penetrates its farthest hillside villages. So log on, tune in, and uncover with us the mysteries of Macedonia.

By Richard Bangs
Yahoo! Adventures
Expedition Macedonia June 2006

Macedonia is exceptionally rich in water resources. It is often called "the land of lakes", because of the many tectonic, glacial and man-made lakes - about 50 large and small lakes, the most significant ones being the three tectonic lakes: Ohrid, Prespa and Doyran. The rivers of Macedonia form three basins: the Aegean, with the biggest river Vardar, entering the Aegean Sea at Gulf of Salonika, Adriatic, with Crn Drim as a main river and Lake Debar, into which the picturesque river of Radika flows. The flora and fauna of Macedonia are amazingly heterogeneous: Mediterranean flora goes hand-in-hand with the plant species of the Euro-Siberian regions, while mountains are natural habitats of bear, deer, boar, wolf and many other animal species. Due to the impressive diversity of plant and animal species, many of which are endemic, many areas have been placed under different forms of protection. The most significant are the three National Parks: Pelister, Galicica and Mavrovo, as well as several reserves and other protected sites.
Macedonia is a land of sharp winters, long and warm summers, and certainly a lot of sunny days during the year, spreading over the vast vine-yards, producing high quality wines.
Since ancient times, Macedonia has had an exceptional strategic position not only on the Balkans, but in Southern Europe, too. Therefore, during the history, it had been a target for many conquerors, who had left behind traces of their own cultures, equally as they took away numerous values out of it. So, modern Macedonia represents a small world in which cultures and civilizations are mixed, where the past and the present meet. Yet, it steps soundly towards the future, with an enthusiastic desire for rapid development.

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