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Tip of the Week concept started in 2010 and after being well positioned on the Macedonian market, expanded its presence in the region as well (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina) by providing Tip of the Week books on local languages.

Tip of the Week - Interactive books for personal and professional development are the first interactive books that contain short and practical tips and exercises to increase motivation, cope with everyday challenges and gain new knowledge, giving a Balkan perspective. More than 20.000 copies have been sold in a highly price sensitive market.

360° innovative approach

- Innovation in Product Development - The concept started by business people (Petar Lazarov and Kalin Babusku) who transfer the knowledge they have gained by working with national and international companies. The manuals are the only of this kind published on the Balkan and beyond aiming to combine different experiences of successful people from the region.

- Innovation in Structure - non-standard edition / manuals in terms of writing and developing open communication with readers and giving them opportunity for self-evaluation.

- Innovation in Visual appearance - full copyright work in terms of design and visual concept, original cover, specially-made illustrations and fully designed interior text.

- Innovation in terms of Marketing and Sales strategy - completely innovative approach with special emphasis on social responsibility by developing unique and original author sponsorship model ("COS model" - Customer Oriented Sponsorship Model) in order to provide variety of benefits to publisher - company that uses it - end buyer.

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