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Macedonia-Export Consulting is a well-known strategic consultancy and training company in Macedonia and on the Balkans in the field of business development. Being active in the marketplace since 2010, it strives to build world known brands and businesses and provides customer experiences followed by strategies that accelerate the companies growth.

The combination of our theoretical know-how and practical experience, as the foremost competitive advantage, empowers the company to provide tailoring services to its business partners requirements and solutions for every complex situation.

Brand development
Our team of consultants operates with various models and frameworks related to screening and understanding the company’s overall brand objectives and strategies; analyzing the current brand positioning; developing visual concept and value proposition etc.,toward developing successful brands.

Business development
Become part of the Macedonian history. Replicas from Macedonian ancient artifacts found only in archeological sites across Macedonia that date back to ancient history: from the Early and Middle Neolith, through the Bronze and the Iron age to the early and middle Greek and Roman periods and up to the time of Byzantium.

Strategy development

Choosing the right strategy is what we always strive to achieve by considering all processes, activities and parties involved in the value chain. In that sense, we provide services in Marketing strategy development and Sales and Export strategy development.

  • Marketing strategy development
    We develop marketing strategies that incorporate the whole process of establishing contacts with the company and its clients, keeping the existing and generating new contacts, defining the right market potential, developing and implementing marketing campaigns, and (re)positioning products/services.

  • Sales and Export strategy development
    For the partners that are willing to enter new markets, we can build up a strong presence on the national and Balkan market in order to support them. Our team of experts in sales and export use various sales tools to generate new contacts, advance the relationship with the existing partners, qualify the potential partners and assist the process of final sales and export.

Matchmaking with potential business partners

As a unique type of international trade intermediary, we offer huge matchmaking possibilities and partner sales representatives in selected export markets. Our commitment to matchmaking possibilities is ensured through our collective experience and strong networks that we have developed over the years based on the principle of the importance of honesty, integrity, reliability, long-standing relationships, and trust.


The programs for the trainings and the on-going consultations are particularly created according to our partners’ needs. We adjust the tools, approaches and the methodologies that we use to the structure of the organization and the people in charge to implement them in order to obtain maximum results. Our programs include hard skills set, soft skills set, coaching, shadowing and team building for employees from different levels of the organizational structure. Our trainers and consultants have broad experience and expertise by working with many teams on various projects from different industries.

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