Following on from the successful creation and positioning of the brand MAMA’S around the world (a project of which our company is no longer a part), over the last year we’ve been working on developing and launching two new brands: NO BULL… and B-GOOD FOOD Co.

Having completed a detailed analysis of the trends and needs of consumers, we chose the best and most suitable products from Macedonia and the region, and after perfecting the recipe for a few of them, we’re now ready to present them to you.

For the moment, the products are available exclusively in the USA, but we’re planning to branch out into other world markets very soon. We expect this work of ours at MACEDONIA-EXPORT to also have a positive effect on our country’s image, while at the same time helping to strengthen the capacities of domestic producers, as well as exports overall.

“The products have been on shelves in shops in Illinois (USA) for almost a month now, and the reaction of customers has been excellent. Nevertheless, this is just the beginning. We’re still in the phase of testing and adapting our strategy, but we believe in the quality of the goods and in our brand concept, and we hope that NO BULL… and B-GOOD FOOD Co. will very quickly spread across all of the USA and around the world”, says Kalin Babushku, one of the owners of MACEDONIA-EXPORT.

NO BULL… ( is a unique and innovative brand concept, encompassing nine varieties of sweet and savoury snacks, produced in four factories in Macedonia and Serbia (AD EVROPA, VITAMINKA AD, SWISSLION D.O.O. and TAKO.RS).

B-GOOD FOOD Co. ( on the other hand, is a brand that promotes the highest quality foodstuffs from Macedonia and the region, those staple ingredients we use daily (rice, beans, flour, oil, etc). The first product launched under the umbrella of this brand is our famous Kočani rice.

One of our longer-term goals is to position these products in a higher class, because we believe they deserve to be valued more due to their superior quality.

As Joana Šikoska, the company’s communications manager, puts it: “We’re a small creative team of enthusiasts who are trying to present our country in a positive light and show everyone that Macedonia has the potential to develop brands that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the world’s biggest names. Nevertheless, we can’t conquer the world alone. In order to do that, we need the support of all those who have friends and contacts in the US or elsewhere in the world — we ask all members of this group to share our brands with their network of contacts, in the hope that the information will get to the people we’re trying to reach.”