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Tip of the week

A personal & professional development book, consisting of practical tips and interactive exercises to increase motivation, overcome everyday challenges and learn better.

The book has sold in more than 20.000 copies so far.


According to a national legend, over five centuries ago, a wealthy trader by the name of Kocho travelled to China and came back carrying rice. Kocho planted the seed and the grains quickly adapted to the climate in Macedonia, from where they later spread across the Balkans.

The town where Kocho first planted the rice, was named after the man himself. The farmers of Kochani continue to produce the highest quality rice in the region to this day, and we make it available to everyone.

No Bull...

Reframing the existing marketplace, No Bull brings joy to your taste buds at an affordable price. Made from high quality ingredients, No Bull gives consumers the breathing space they need by allowing them to enjoy the very best flavors out there.


The first Biodegradable Tights with Aloe Vera in the world. Our tights are made of 94% Amni Soul Eco® smart yarn, a new generation technology used to produce enhanced, sustainable yarns that are highly durable and decompose in 3-5 years after their release in the landfills. We offer our customers a perfect harmony between fashion and the environment.

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