Export Division

An international company speciallized in managing business communications between organizations, we work with business operating in various industries and in different stages of supply chain.

Our export department provides all the necessary resources needed by production-oriented businesses to develop strong supply chain partnerships and expand into new markets. Our primary target are companies in the food, construction and furniture sector — but even if you're operating in another industry, drop us a call to discuss the details, and we'll see if and how might help.

Food & Private Label Conssortium

The FOOD and PRIVATE LABEL consortium works with companies operating in various sectors of the food industry, looking to access the best regional brands or develop their own private label (PL) products. For PL products, we facilitate the product development process end to end and help with consecutive trade activities.

Construction Consortium

The CONSTRUCTION consortium helps construction companies simplify their projects by connecting them with the best construction material supplies in the region. Our partner network includes decorative panels, PVC film, electricity and writing, reinforced polyester reservoirs, doors & windows suppliers and many more.

Furniture Consortium

Our FURNITURE consortium caters international buyers looking to purchase high-quality furniture. We offer diverse furniture pieces at different pricing levels, including but not limited to upholstery products, final products, bedrooms, wall units, wardrobes, and chairs.

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